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Regular, consistent and proactive maintenance

A stitch in time saves nine applies very well to body corporate and HOA maintenance. A rolling annual maintenance plan is highly recommended and the maintenance trustee/director should ensure that all the common property is fully and regularly inspected (suggest at least weekly and either directly or with the assistance of a caretaker).

regular maintenance

The maintenance plan should schedule the following important items to be attended to where applicable, assisting with planning and tracking:

  • Service firefighting equipment annually (major service required every 5 years)
  • Service water proofing annually (the silver bitumen paint can be easily and cheaply applied by an employee)
  • Clear all drains and down pipes at the end of winter and at least monthly in summer
  • Lifts require an Annexure B inspection every 2 years and the inspection certificate needs to be placed inside the lift motor room
  • Check electrical fence monthly (security service providers may be able to assist) and prune back overhanging shrubs and trees
  • Backwash pool filter weekly and test pool chemicals
  • Check for broken windows, peeling paint, leaking water, fused lights to be repaired (only for common property)
  • Various other items may be relevant and important to a specific property based on design, layout etc

As cleaning, security and maintenance are generally the most important priorities for all residents (numerous surveys have confirmed these items) common property inspections should evaluate and monitor these important trustee/director responsibilities.

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