Trafalgar Financial Services (“TFS”) is an authorised financial services and credit provider with a specialist property finance focus

Trafalgar Financial Services (TFS) is a specialised financier for sectional title schemes, HOA’s, Shareblock Companies, Retirement Complexes and Golf Courses Complexes. When a need arises to raise funding for maintenance, security, solar or any improvement projects for community schemes,  TFS is well positioned to offer flexible loan funding at competitive rates with no early settlement penalties. TFS is also a specialised insurance broker focused on the insurance needs of properties across South Africa.

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Property Finance Services

Body corporate loans

Body Corporate Loans

Short term finance for maintenance projects or other building requirements

Levy finance

Levy Finance

Eliminate the cash flow pressures of late or arrear levy payments



Safeguard against unexpected and unpleasant insurance excesses

Finance for residential owners

Finance For Residential Owners

Loan finance for property investors wanting to refurbish their complexes to increase rentals and reduce vacancies

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Why Use Trafalgar Finance?

Trafalgar Financial Services offers upfront finance for maintenance and capital projects on favourable terms tailor made to fit the cash flow constraints of the borrower (body corporate, HOA or share block company). More importantly, this allows for the immediate restoration or enhancement of value, on definite terms, removing any uncertainties involved with the process or project. Finance in action

Levy Solutions is a levy finance product guaranteeing a fixed monthly levy cash flow on the 1st business day of each month. This product aims to rehabilitate the buildings (body corporate, HOA or share block company) cash flow by guaranteeing levy income and delivering intensive credit control support overseen and managed by in-house attorneys; furthermore, all associated and necessary, legal fees are financed by levy solution (on a cash flow basis) ensuring the fastest, uninterrupted, rehabilitation process.

Insurance excesses and policy limits are both well-established norms in the insurance industry; excesses specifically, are often the first things adjusted (upwards) by insurers to address increasing loss ratios and, given owners are typically liable for excesses [PMR 29(4)], do you have the means to settle both the excess and potential shortfall unannounced and without warning?Trafalgar Financial Service’s TRAFEX Policy, being the only one of its kind in the industry, offers peace of mind and will settle all excess(s) * and shortfall(s) * arising from related insurance claims whenever and whatever the circumstances.  

Customer Reviews

To all TFS staff, a vote of thanks for all the many years of great service You are all so diligent and attend to all matters very swiftly to ensure the maximum customer satisfaction in matters which are always discomforting for trustees / directors and owners. Please keep up the good work.
Stonewood Properties
We have been managed by Trafalgar for decades. We have experienced claims ranging from an entire unit going up in flames to the changing of a thermostat on a geyser. Always at our service and ready to take the hectic load off our shoulders at all times. Each incident is a disaster and they handle each claim in a calm and informative professional manner.. Everything we need to know to inform owners so that all may relax knowing that the claims, no matter how big or small, will receive the attention needed to ensure owner comfort. Consistent performance and reliability. Excellent Insurance provider selections and recommendations each year with comparative proposals.TFS offers peace of mind and confidence during the delivery on claims and settlements.
Mont Serrat Body Corporate
Thank you for the prompt and comprehensive replies to our enquiries. On behalf of the trustees, may I say we greatly appreciate your crisp professional and overall outstanding service. You’re setting a very high standard for your colleagues at TPM and TFS.
Kuriake Body Corporate