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Covid-19 lockdown

By now you would have received numerous supplier communications concerning Covid-19 contingency measures and planning. Following the initial implementation of the recommended hygiene, social distancing, travel and meeting restriction practices, Trafalgar has now arranged for all administrative staff to work from home to support service delivery continuity during the lockdown period. All administration staff will be contactable via email or telephone (call diverts will be loaded on direct office numbers or alternative cell phone numbers will be provided in email signatures) during business hours throughout the lockdown period, and are expected to continue all service delivery expectations throughout.

Trafalgar Covid-19 lockdown information

There are a number of operational and facility management implications arising from the 21- day lockdown; relevant considerations as follows for Trustees and Directors to review:

• Board Meetings: meetings should ideally be delayed until after the lockdown restrictions are lifted. On the basis of urgency, meetings can be conducted via telephone conference which portfolio managers will be able to arrange and facilitate. AGM’s and SGM’s may be impractical to facilitate by telephone conference and should be delayed and rescheduled after lockdown (new notices would need to be circulated).
• Security: as an essential service, private security services are expected to continue. There may be challenges with public transport for guards and achieving punctual shift changes, but service providers have indicated they expect security services to continue throughout
• Cleaning and refuse removal: also deemed essential services but with similar public transport dependencies which may impact timing, capacity and performance over the lockdown period.
• Visitors: no visitors should be allowed unless for medical or essential service purposes or immediate family
• Deliveries: to be collected from the complex entrance
• Common amenities: it is recommended that pools, braai areas, gyms, clubhouses, admin offices and any other amenities available in the complex are closed until after the lockdown, because of the risk of public gatherings limiting social distancing
• Laundries: for hygiene purposes these facilities may stay open and should be regularly and fully cleaned after use, ideally by the resident concerned directly after use
• Emergency maintenance: any disruptions to water and electricity supply will be addressed as emergency maintenance, which is an essential service. The portfolio team will be in a position to arrange maintenance service providers to attend to issues of this nature and using the appropriate safety and hygiene equipment. Routine and project maintenance will be postponed until after lockdown restrictions are lifted
• Insurance claims: may continue to be lodged on; claims administrators will continue to work throughout from home
• Caretakers and building managers: where resident on site, building managers will be expected to maintain their duties. Building managers will not be able to travel to work if they reside outside the complex and should be placed on paid annual leave if this is the case.
• Lifts: lift service providers will suspend standard lift services until after lockdown and any installation projects. Responses to lift stoppages and occupied stops should be supported during the lockdown.

These are unprecedented times and we will need to work collaboratively to respond to challenges which may arise and stress facility management standards and service delivery at your complex. We will certainly be making every effort for our portfolio teams and their support colleagues, to be fully available by email, telephone and virtual meeting channels.

In closing, the government command centre has published a very informative and data free web site giving the latest news and guidelines for combatting the Covid-19 pandemic. The relevant web site is:

Important numbers as per Ministers directive

Kind regards

Andrew Schaefer
Managing Director
Trafalgar Property Management (Pty) Ltd
Tel: 011 214 5200

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