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Are you ready for change?

Many companies, share blocks in this instance, and bodies corporate are wrapping up all 2013’s financials and audit processes, before the start of their new financial year in March. Many New Year’s resolutions are made…whether it is to spend more time in the gym, quit smoking or even switch banks, for more competitive premiums and satisfied client service delivery. Bodies corporate and companies too, are bright eyed and bushy tailed, in making a concerted effort, with that famous saying “out with the old and in with the new”. Whether it is a new maintenance contractor, insurance company or even a managing agent, they are goal orientated and focussed, to accomplish all the goals pertaining to their body corporate and company. Ever so excited…this in reality might not be the case.

ready for change

Numerous calls have been fielded with the above philosophy in mind, that a new managing agent equals new beginnings. It is imperative, however, to follow all the right steps in commencing your relationship with your new found property manager, seamlessly. All contractual obligations of your current managing agent should be taken note of here, in particular, the anniversary date and the termination clauses within their current agreement. Once this has been identified, only then can a specific date of changeover be agreed upon. This will not only assist bodies corporate and companies, in allowing for a smoother transition period, but also allows the newly appointed managing agent a more professional take on.

As looking forward, to the future is a necessity for change, so too is looking back into the year gone by. This reflection and consideration will better assist you in positioning yourself for change. In conclusion, we all have our goals and our new year’s resolutions, so be confident and prepared in your motivation to change, whether it be personally, professionally or whether it be for the benefit of your body corporate or company.


By: Cassandra Hailstone
Designation: Business Development Executive

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